Concrete restoration
Professional Concrete Restoration

We provide concrete restoration, 40 years inspection and painting bid packages to low -mid-high rise buildings. Let us licensed professional engineers provide you with an accurate inspection.

Facts of Concrete Restoration

In the last five years, the detection of concrete deterioration has become an industry unto itself. The source of the problem is primarily attributable to the brutal environment of South Florida, particularly the coast with the humidity and calcium chloride (salt).

When the paint surface of the building is not waterproof, the concrete absorbs the moisture and the salt from the air. This causes the steel reinforcing bars to rust. When the steel rusts, it expands which causes the concrete to break away from the building, commonly called sapling.

Structural repair
Epoxy injection
Spall repair
Rebar replacement
Removal and replacement of deteriorated concrete
Expansion and control joint
Concrete and masonry coating with: Epoxy, Polyurethane, Acrylic & more
Waterproofing and water control with: Polyurethane injection, above and below grade both positive and negative side waterproofing.
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